1836 Gobrecht Silver S$1 (J-58) - NGC PF64

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Gobrecht-designed dollars were struck in 1836 to reintroduce the denomination to a new generation. The strike details are full with complete hair definition. All the eagle’s breast feathers are completely articulated on the reverse. The production of 18 pieces for the Name Below Base is an apocryphal mintage that is traceable to Edward Cogan in 1867. While no exact mintage is known for this issue, judging from the number of survivors known somewhere around 60 to 100 pieces were probably made. As with all Gobrecht dollars, they were struck in proof format and most likely struck twice to bring up high point definition. This is a stunning Judd-58. The fields are brightly mirrored and devoid of any noticeable contact marks. As mentioned above, the striking definition is strong. The foot of Liberty is the usual place to look for fullness of strike on a Gobrecht dollar, and here it has medal-like clarity of detail. The centers are brilliant with light golden toning encircling the margins. Mintage...probably 60 to 100.